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An Advantage Smollan company offering repeatable solutions, at scale across our group and with multi market group collaboration


AS Analytics offers a range of products and services which can be used in isolation or as a blended solution to meet every client’s needs.  Many of the products are suited to specific needs, teams and budgets; the following introduction to the AS Analytics business seeks to clarify our purpose, which is to ensure that our clients derive maximum value from our products by using them in the most appropriate way.



The breadth of this division ensures that we can deliver the best possible technology solution for you. This is based upon our extensive experience of building & delivering field execution solutions, as well as the breadth of our partnerships with specialist technology providers.

Retail Execution

Across our UK businesses alone we complete over a million visits each year and have detailed knowledge of 164,723 locations. We have extensive, award winning, experience of delivering field execution. Through this experience we have unparalleled insight into what constitutes the right retail execution management solution.

Business Intelligence

As well as working with our clients’ data, we also invest in gathering proprietary data and insights, through AS Analytics, as a central group business intelligence platform. This division of the business supports individual client teams as well as feeding in group level proprietary insights. This delivers an understanding of behaviour which includes product, market, channel, retailer or shopper, which our clients cannot gain anywhere else.


AS Analytics provides you with the technology solution that meets your specific individual needs, and at commercial advantage.


A team of hundreds of people across the UK are available & capable of checking & actioning in-store execution requirements.

A well-trained and objective community are available to be mobilised to complete business critical tasks.

Reporting is delivered in real time via an online reporting portal.


The solution digitally measures the shelf in-store, in less than 5 minutes.

Shelf pictures are taken via tablet, smartphone or digital camera, pictures are uploaded to servers and then analysed.

Mobile and web reports are generated as instant reports, with corrective actions, which are available whilst in store.


The solution is a fully customised Business Intelligence engine creating actionable insight for retail execution.

Our partner offers outstanding business knowledge, with extensive experience of handling and analysing retail data.

Their focus on data integrity means that data scientists conduct analytics, not data cleaning.


AS Analytics provides you with the retail execution management solution that meets your specific individual needs, and at commercial advantage.


The solution delivers fast in-store data collection via downloadable details of products via online scraping to map barcodes to the UPC of the product.

Technology innovations deliver app data collection and fast set up of a breadth of dashboards of online & in-store data.


Retail Execution Management is the generic name for our technology solutions which enable the collection of our field data.

Whilst we partner a number of specialist Retail Execution management providers, we also have proprietary systems which we have developed in house.
We partner a range of specialist providers across our group and also focus on supporting the evolution of existing group technologies.


The solution is a user-friendly app which integrates multiple technologies or data streams to deliver insights for action in the field, all in a gamified and millennial generation experience.

It visually displays the priority actions for each store with step by step fixes and best practice tips for every issue. Analytics suggest the most effective fix to make and gamification rewards & incentivises action. Actions taken in store are then fed back in to central data.


AS Analytics provides you with the business intelligence solutions that meets your specific individual needs.


We use data visualisation and data discovery tools. Our data visualisation tool is a cloud-based business analytics tool that provides a single view of our data via a browser or via an app.

The solution we use for insight discovery gives individuals the power to create customised, interactive data visualisations, reports and dashboards from multiple data sources with drag-and-drop ease.

These platforms enable us to explore simple and complex data to discover the hidden data relationships we didn’t know existed.


NABU (which means ‘to call’) is the name of the Advantage Smollan location database. This is a dynamic database powered by our central master call file information and amalgamating other key data sources such as attributes and performance data.

The database is housed within our data warehousing facility. The outlet database is a proprietary tool of Advantage Smollan that continues to be innovated and developed over time.


ENKI (the Babylonian god of intelligence & creation) is the name of the Advantage Smollan Business Intelligence products.

Proprietary insight is the amalgamation of information, in data form, which is owned or gathered by us, to deliver an understanding of behaviour, such as product, market, channel, retailer or shopper that cannot be found anywhere else.

The analysis of this information is completed to extract macro level insights, as well as at granular level relevant to our clients.
The breadth and scale of Advantage Smollan means that we can produce insights in a way that no-one else can.

Why choose AS Analytics?

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